Rental Tips

Many of our clients ask our advice on various aspects of what to provide, what to clean and how to ensure guests have a pleasant stay.

Below are some suggestions on what to provide and what to ask of your guests.


• 3 rolls of toilet paper – 1 on reel and2 under sink

• 2 hand towels

• trial size soaps


• 2 paper towel, 1 on reel and 1 under sink

• 2 kitchen towels

• new sponge

• 4 dishwasher tablets

• dish liquid

• 4 garbage bags


• 2 bath towels for each guest set out on beds

• 1 wash cloth for each guest set out on beds

Common Areas

• matches

• fire starters

• kleenex

• gift basket of Vermont products or wine

• hand/foot warmers

• guest book/local information guide/rules of the rental


• 4 laundry tablets or a bottle of laundry detergent

Highly suggested ideas and tips:

• You will find some guests need to have their supplies rationed or they will use too much which is very costly for the owner. You will need a lock for your supply closet to prevent guests from using supplies reserved for the next guests.

• For guests checking out – strip only used bed sheets and put them in a pile with used towels in a central location.

• Provide 2 sets of towels and bed sheets to cover each rental while the wash, dry, fold service is being done. We arrive with clean linens and leave with your dirty linens when opting for this service.

• Provide 3 extra sets of sheets for each bed size and extra towels incase something becomes stained or damaged.

• Simply Clean does not provide a garbage service. Please have your renters collect all of their garbage and set it out for the garbage service to pick up. Secure your garbage against animals, with access for garbage service and guests.

• Simply Clean does not provide hot tub services but we can check the clarity of the water and report back to the owner.

• Provide enough hot tub towels for each guest.

• Check out 10am, check in 4pm.