Routine Task List

Below is the basic list of tasks included in a Routine Cleaning Agreement between the client and Simply Clean.

Clean Kitchen

Kitchen Cleaning Tasks

• wipe down/wash/scrub –

• outside of fridge and inside if not too cluttered

• outside of dishwasher and inside rim

• inside and outside of microwave stove, hood and under stove top

• front and inside of oven and warmer drawer

• small appliances and empty crumbs

• dog and cat food and water bowls

• counter tops by moving everything on surfaces

• sink or backsplash

• inside and out of garbage can

• clean out all trash receptacles and place trash in trash area

• polish stainless steel items

• clean glass/windows above sink or backsplash

• spot check cupboards and wash as needed

Bathroom Cleaning Tasks

• scrub tub/shower and shine chrome fixtures

• scrub sink, counters and wipe down vanity front (cupboard/drawer fronts)

• wash and shine mirror

• dust window sills, ledges, baseboards, knickknacks

• wipe down/wash/scrub every inch of toilet and inside toilet bowl and finish with a shine

• wipe down/wash/scrub outside and inside of garbage can

• remove garbage and place trash in trash area

Clean Bathroom
Clean Living Room

Living Room Cleaning Tasks

• vacuum crumbs and animal hair from couches and under cushions

Dining Room Cleaning Tasks

• wipe down/wash/scrub table and chairs, and dust other furniture

Bedroom Cleaning Tasks

• collect garbage, make beds and pick up floors for cleaning

Floor Cleaning Tasks

• vacuum all hard floor surfaces

• vacuum all carpets, area rugs and throw rugs

• move small items such as shoes, chairs, bags and light furniture

• mop all hard floors that where vacuumed


• vacuuming will be done throughout the entire house — moving small items and under large furniture


• mopping of all hard floor surfaces after vacuuming

Clean Bedroom Floor
Dusting equipment


• window sills, shelves, tables, chairs and most exposed surfaces

• spot cleaning glass and mirrors such as entry mirrors and windows

• dusting and “de-cobwebbing” will be done throughout the entire house, moving small items —the degree to be decided by the client

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