Your Home Is Secure

Simply Clean takes your homes security very seriously.

Simply Clean Tag Line

All Simply Clean employees undergo a background check prior to hiring and each of our team leaders are trusted with keys and door codes of the houses we clean. They are proficient in activating and deactivating alarm codes. Before leaving each house they make sure your house is secure with windows and doors locked and all lights out. If you choose to give us a copy of your key it will be labeled with your initials.

How We Operate

We know in Vermont that snow is a winter constant, but why let that get in the way of your scheduled cleaning? Simply Clean owns three all-wheel drive company vehicles complete with studded snow tires.

We are fully insured and all employees go through a background check before they are hired.

A day or so before your scheduled cleaning, we will send an email, text or give you a call with the estimated time the team will arrive to clean.

We will provide all necessary equipment and supplies to get the job done. If you have specific items you’d prefer us to use, you are welcome to provide them.

Before starting any cleaning, please fill out the Cleaning Agreement and return it directly to Mary Helm.

About a week or so following your cleaning, you will receive an e-mailed invoice which can be paid via Cash, Check, Credit Card or Paypal. Mail check to Simply Clean: PO Box 254, Fair Haven, VT 05743

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