Clean Agreement Form

    This Agreement is entered into as of the by and between Simply Clean, LLC and (the client).

    The Client seeks to obtain cleaning services at from Simply Clean and Simply Clean agrees they are capable and willing to perform the cleaning services outlined in this Agreement.

    1. Services and fees. Simply Clean will inspect the Property with Client to determine the services the client requires. Simply Clean will provide all equipment and supplies needed to complete the services provided. The client of Simply Clean will provide specialty cleaners. The fee for the Property will be determined based on an hourly rate. The minimum fee is $160 per cleaning visit which is equal to four working man hours. A surcharge will be added for any cleaning that is to be completed on a holiday. The description of the services provided and the fee for those services is set forth and described later in
      this agreement form.

    2. Term. The term of this Agreement will begin on the date referred above and will remain in full force and effect until either party terminates the Agreement. Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time by supplying a written notice of termination that can take into effect immediately.

    3. Payment. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. Payments can be made by Venmo or by mailing a check to PO Box 254, Fair Haven, VT 05743. Any balance unpaid after thirty days will accrue interest at the rate of 10% per month. Employees of Simply Clean are not responsible for taking payments or agreement forms.

    4. Cancellation. In the event Client needs to cancel any scheduled cleaning appointment one week notice is required. Notice may be given via phone or email. Should Client fail to give one week notice, Client must pay a $50 fee for the canceled cleaning.

    5. Confidentiality. Any information or knowledge obtained during the term of the Agreement about the Client is considered confidential. Simply Clean agrees to keep all information not openly known to the public confidential and private as such.

    6. Indemnification. Each party agrees to indemnify and hold the opposite party harmless against any and all liability or damages without limitation. The indemnification clause of this Agreement shall survive the termination or conclusion of this Agreement and shall remain in effect for a term of 12 months following termination of this Agreement. Simply Clean is a sole proprietor and has up to date liability insurance.

    7. Pets. For the safety of Simply Clean employees and your pet, Simply Clean employees are not responsible for caregiving for any household pets. Dogs and large animals must be contained during the cleaning.

    8. Illnesses. If any dwelling has been exposed to someone who has a contagious illness of any kind the client is required to let Simply Clean know as soon as possible so that we can make the best decision for the safety of our employees.

    9. Services. Simply Clean will provide to Client a full routine cleaning. No half cleanings or exceptions to the task list. The list of tasks that will be completed on each cleaning is listed on our website.

      Services we do not provide:
      HazMat clean ups
      Property management tasks
      Any tasks that require a ladder greater than 6 feet tall
      Garbage refusal
      Bed bugs – we will evacuate the premises and owner will be notified immediately
      Pet care

      Simply Clean will begin cleaning services on .

      Simply Clean will provide the following frequency:

      Cleaning time of arrival may vary for the client’s scheduled cleaning day and Simply Clean cannot guarantee an
      exact time of arrival. Simply clean will assume a 4 week month for scheduling regardless of the date.

    10. Fees. Residential Cleanings - Client agrees to pay Simply Clean for each cleaning session totaling man hours of labor. Client agrees to pay Simply Clean a $40 per hour rate for each cleaning session.

      Rental Cleanings – Client agrees to pay Simply Clean for each cleaning session plus for the off-site wash, dry, fold service.
      Travel over one hour away from Rutland or Castleton will be additional charge.
      Holiday. If a cleaning needs to occur on New years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, an additional surcharge of $100 will be added to the Fee.

    11. Independent Contractor Relationship. Simply Clean LLC and Client each expressly agree and understand that they are creating an independent contractor relationship and that Simply Clean shall not be considered an employee of Client for any purpose. Simply Clean is exclusively responsible for all Social Security, Self-employment and income taxes, disability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and any other statutory benefits required to be provided to employee.

      I agree to the following terms.

      Client’s printed name:

      Client’s signature: