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Why Chemical Free?


Simply Clean values the health of your family and pets.

Our products and equipment is ever changing as we strive to use the latest of what is on the market to improve on cleaning quality and efficiency. 

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The Equipment We Use:

Our ProTeam vacuums all have some of the highest suction power on the market and all have a HEPA filtration system. Excellent at removing pet hair, this backpack vacuum has a three prong extention cord and rotating power head for carpeting.

Our Big Green Bissel carpet shampooer is professional grade and comes with an attachment to shampoo stairs. Our shampooer requires a vacuuming after the surface has dried.

Our industrial-strength microfiber mop has a detachable Velcro mop pad and is able to reach into corners and under furniture.

Our Telescoping extension pole we have two sizes; one ten feet and the other is 20 feet. These extension poles can be used in place of a ladder reaching the highest of walls and ceilings. We are also able to use them with squeegees cleaning high windows.

As we are enduring COVID-19, Simply Clean can use CDC-Approved cleaners and will wear masks in your home upon request.

If you do not wish to have chemicals in your home just let us know and we will use our normal green cleaners.

The Products We Use:


We do not use paper towels because it can be wasteful and costly. NanoTowel have some of the smallest fibers on the market, it has more surface area to pick up literally everything off the surface we clean. []

Seventh Generation

We use this Vermont based company for its botanical multi-surface free and clear cleaner. []

Shaklee Basic H

A free & clear soap that can be used on any surface including windows. []

Simple Green Cleaner

This multi purpose cleaner is non-toxic and biodegradable. []

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